Abide with Me

About the year 1847 the hymn “Abide with me” was composed by Henry Lyte and has been sung times without number. A line from the seond verse says “change and decay in all around I see”. If that was true then, it is certainly true today amidst this COVID epidemic with so many changes.

We are all longing to getting back to meeting with each other again, longing for the company we have missed over the past year.
The verse ends “Abide with me”. The two disciples on the Emmaus road had similar thoughts when they said to the Lord Jesus “abide with us” and He went with them and He opened the scriptures and “their heart burned within them”. There is nothing better than the presence of the Saviour and the presentation of the scriptures.
Two of John’s disciples asked Jesus “Where dwellest thou?” or “Where can we always be sure of finding you?” and they “saw where He dwelt and abode with him that day” – what an experience and what an enjoyment of spending a day with Christ – a day they would never forget.
As the hymn says “Change and decay in all around I see Oh Thou who changes not abide with me”.

It is so important to give our heart to the Saviour through faith and trust in Him for salvation for time and eternity and to know His presence with us like the early disciples.
Knowing his presence
in Prayer – as we seek his face in our need;
in Praise – as we give to Him the worship of our hearts;
in the Scriptures – as we daily read his word;
in our Midst – when able to unitedly gather together.

Abide with us – Luke 24:29 ; Abide in me – John 15:4

Verse 4 continues:
I need thy presence Every passing hour
What but thy grace can foil the tempter’s power
Who like like Thyself my guide and stay can be
Through cloud and sunshine, Oh abide with me!

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