Since the Prayer and Bible study meeting has been cancelled we are going to run an online Prayer meeting. Nick has very kindly typed out instructions for loading the software that you would need either for a PC or Mac or I-pad or phone. The software is called Zoom and the whole church could be online at once. We hope to run this at the usual time for the meeting at 7:30pm and someone will give an introduction and a note of prayer points. There will also be a live Bible teaching for a short time at the end when we will be looking at Hebrews 11:32-40 which is the passage we have progressed to as we have been studying this book and is a very relevant passage in the light of the current crisis.


1/ Load the software onto your phone or computer etc
2/ Follow the instructions in the attached word document to log in at just before 7:30pm
3/ Introduction and prayer points
4/ Open prayer as normal on a Thursday night until around 8:10pm
5/ Short Bible lesson aiming to finish at 8:30pm

It is of vital importance that we pray – many people will enter eternity who are not prepared and there is great fear and uncertainty in the country but we will be the ones who pray.
We also hope to load videos on youtube continuing to work through Luke and 1st Thessalonians – you will be updated soon

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